Since working from home, we’ve all been getting used to our home office set-up. We’ve been buying desks, making our backgrounds look presentable for video calls, and doing anything we can to make our space motivate us. It can be hard to keep entirely focused when working from home, but it’s easy to create an environment we feel comfortable in.

Introducing a range of small accessories and furnishings can enhance your space and add a personal touch to your office, without breaking the bank. Here are the latest home office decor trends that we’re loving right now!

Unique Vases

As we move into spring, we’re going to start seeing more daylight, more beautiful colours, and more plants and flowers. Even if flowers aren’t for you, a vase can make for a beautiful statement piece on your desk.

Fill them with flowers, plants, fairy lights, pens, pencils, you name it. A vase is not only multifunctional but can also be that missing piece from your desk space.

One of our favourite independent small businesses is Handcrafts by Courtney. You can visit their Etsy store at

handcrafts by courtney - hand painted vases

Personalised Mugs

In an office, it’s always handy to have a personalised mug so everyone knows who it belongs to. Now that we’re at home, why should that stop us from treating ourselves to a custom-made treat? After all, personalised items are much more sought after than the regular versions of them.

Personalised ceramic mugs can make your morning cup of coffee that little bit more special. Whatsmore, they also add a decorative touch to your desk when not in use.

One of our favourite independent ceramic businesses is Buxton Ceramics. You can visit their website at

Buxton Ceramics personalised mugs

Funky Notepads

This year, we’re mixing quirky with convenient. Since we’re all staying at home, now is the time to get creative and experiment with new patterns and colours. Expressing our personalities through every-day items can be much easier than you think.

We recently came across this wonderful independent called Write Typer. They sell stationery and gifts that incorporate their own style of illustration and design. We saw these beautiful notepads and books and we instantly loved them! Perhaps it’s time to look into expressive and creative stationery to bring your desk to life? Shop on Esty at

write typer - funky stationery

Hand-painted Plant Pots

We obviously can’t get enough of plants and flowers, hence the double feature in this blog post. While having more and more plants in your home is a storming trend at the minute, it also does wonders for your home, and for your mind.

It is said that indoor plants relieve stress whilst boosting creativity, productivity, and focus. So where’s better to keep them than in your home office?

One of our favourite independent plant pot businesses is EllieLovesPlants. You can shop their Etsy page at

ellie loves plants - painted plant pot

We love to support small businesses, and we hope we can encourage you to as well. Along with these beautiful home office decor accessories, you can shop our range of sustainable prints and macrame wall hangings here at tuline.

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