In your Series 7 test prep, you have to make sure your studying is comprehensive.

This exam is not for the faint of heart. It requires a lot of studying time to ensure you pass. You need to know the concepts inside and out. To prepare properly, you need to have the right Series 7 study materials. Here's a look at some things that will help you to ensure you have the right materials.

Exam Basics

The exam is called the General Securities Representative Qualification Examination. It is designed to assess your abilities to do your general securities representative job. It tests your knowledge of the general function, like government securities, variable annuities, sales of corporate securities, investment company securities and options in 250 questions that are scored with ten questions that are unscored.You take it in two three-hour sessions and must pass with at least a 72 percent.

The topics covered on the exam touch on all five functions of the job. This includes the function of obtaining and verifying follow-ups, order entry, purchases and sales instructions.

Also, the function of evaluating customers and their securities holdings, investment objectives, tax statuses, needs, financial situations and financial statuses. Another function covered is the opening of accounts, along with asset transfer and maintaining account records.

The fourth function is seeking business with the last function is providing customers with information and making recommendations.

Understand What Topics Need Studied the Most

The best way to ensure you have the right Series 7 study materials is to understand the weight each topic carries in the test.This will help you to know what topics to devote more time to when you are studying.

The job function that is covered the most on the exam is making recommendations and providing customers with information about their investments. There will be 70 questions on the test covering this topic.

The next highest function with 68 questions is seeking business. This is how you will find business through customers and potential customers. Third in order with 58 questions, covering 23 percent of the exam, Stream Online Film is obtaining and maintaining purchases, conducting follow-ups, entering orders and giving sales instructions.

Lastly, with 27 questions on the test each are the functions of opening accounts, transferring assets and maintaining records and evaluating a customer, including their financial situation, investment objectives, tax statuses and other holdings.

Study for Topics, Not Specific Questions

As you are developing your study materials, make sure that you are focusing on the concepts and not specific questions.It can be easy to get too focused on sample questions and forget that the actual exam may not have these exact questions. If you know the overall concepts, then you will find it is much easier to pass the exam.

By understanding the concepts that you will be tested on in the exam, you can better decide what Series 7 study materials you need.Staying focused on studying the overall topics on the exam is your best bet to prepare. Knowing the weights of each concept will also help you as you decide how much time to devote to studying each job function covered.

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