With spring just around the corner, it won’t be long before we dive into our cupboards to get the cleaning products out. Whether you plan on deep-cleaning your home from top to bottom, or simply have a freshen up, you shouldn’t have to overload your house with harsh chemicals. 

Switching to sustainable methods is cost-effective, easier and better for not only the environment, but for your home too. 

Reusable Cloths

It’s time to ditch the kitchen roll and surface wipes. These create more waste than you think and, more often than not, won’t be biodegradable. You can pick up washable, reusable cloth squares from most supermarkets or eco-conscious brands. You can use these to wipe down kitchen worktops, dust around the house, and clean your windows.

If you’re looking to reduce costs even further, you can repurpose dust rags, t-shirts, washcloths, and towels. It’s amazing what you can find and reuse in your own home to create zero-waste. 

zero waste reusable cloth

Natural Cleaners

If you don’t already use vinegar to remove mold and dirt, make the switch and never buy harsh chemical cleaners again. A few squirts of vinegar can dislodge mold and mildew after leaving to soak for a short while. You can also make a paste with baking soda and water for the exact same results. 

Lemons are the unsung hero of sustainable cleaning. You can use lemons to: scour your pots and pans for a natural shine, remove stains from your food containers, sanitize your chopping boards, create natural cleaning solutions, the list is endless! And once you’re finished with them, simply throw them in your compost waste.

Recycle Properly

When spring cleaning, we all aim to reduce the amount of clutter in our home. This means getting rid of things we no longer use, clearing out our wardrobe, and binning broken items. However, you’ll feel better knowing how much you can actually reuse or recycle, just by doing a bit of research.

Take old clothes to a charity shop, or sell your newer/unused clothes on a thrift app. Ensure you don’t put non-recyclable goods in the recycling bin, as these will contaminate the materials and they’ll all get sent to landfill. And make sure you know which materials you can recycle in your local area – some places accept glass and plastic, but you must do your research first.

Shop Sustainable

We shouldn’t feel guilty when we purchase new things for our home. Especially when we have a deep clean and decide to have a fresh, new feel. However, we all have a responsibility to look after the environment and keep our waste down to a minimum. That’s why we should make more of an effort to shop sustainable.

From home decor to wallpaper, flooring, lighting, and more; there’s always a sustainable alternative to something we plan on buying. Do some research and make a huge impact within your home. 

You can shop our sustainable prints and macrame items below. We aim to use recycled materials within our products and packaging – and we’re proud to make a difference.

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