At a time where we are all becoming more aware of our impact on the environment, our collective movement towards a sustainable future can start within the comfort of our own home. As a small business, we believe in a cleaner, safer future for not only the people but for the planet too. Which is why we take on the responsibility of becoming eco-focused and dedicated to encouraging our customers to be responsible too.

We aren’t going to tell you to purchase an electric car, or to spend all of your savings on smart bulbs. But what we are going to do is offer some basic tips and advice for improving your carbon footprint within your home. They’re cost-effective, easy to do, and can all make a huge difference.


We know it can be difficult to ignore sales and promotions online, but avoiding fast fashion brands is a huge step to improving your carbon footprint. ‘On-trend’ items are made to go out of style really quickly, which means a lot of this clothing gets dumped at landfill sites.

If you still need your fashion fix, try using sites or apps such as Depop and Vinted. Here, you can buy pre-loved and sometimes even brand-new clothing at a fraction of the price. Meaning the store doesn’t have to produce as many items, the seller doesn’t throw it in the bin, and you get a lovely piece of clothing without harming the planet, or your purse!

stack of knitting clothes


Reduce your food waste by planning meals ahead of time, only buying ingredients for those meals, freezing excess, and reusing leftovers. If you can, compost your food waste where possible. BBC Good Food has a really useful guide on How To Compost Food At Home.

If you don’t mind switching your diet up, why not reduce your meat intake, and try substituting meat for vegetarian or vegan alternatives. Research from Oxford University found that if every family in the UK swapped out a red meat-based meal, for a plant-based alternative, just once a week, the environmental impact would be equivalent to taking 16 million cars off the road.

Kitchen leftovers for recycling and composting, garbage sorting,


One of the best things you can do in your own home is swapping out as much plastic as you can. Replace plastic food containers with durable glass containers. Swap plastic bottles with reusable bottles that you can use outside. And invest in silicone food bags rather than single-use plastic ones (same goes for cupcake cases too!)

A tip for people who often wear makeup – there are new sustainable options out there when it comes to removing your makeup. You can now purchase biodegradable face wipes for when you’re away from home, or simply in a rush. And we’ve seen more and more people purchase reusable cotton pads that can be cleaned with soapy water. They may seem like small steps, but they make a huge impact.

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads


When visiting supermarkets or highstreets, remember to take your own bags with you so you don’t need to purchase another plastic one. Furthermore, invest in strong, durable bags so they’re less likely to break and won’t need replacing as often.

Similar to clothing, if there’s something you need to buy for yourself or your home, why not consider your options and find a pre-loved version, or something made from recycled materials instead. Even buying from sustainable and environmentally responsible companies can be a huge step forward!

oranges in a reusable string-shopping bag eco-friendly

Here at tuline, we are proud to design and print our products from recycled silk paper. This ensures quality, durability and an environmental responsibility. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and we encourage our customers to do so. Take a closer look at our shop and support an eco-focused small business!

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